23 Easters Left

According to the trends, there are just 23 Easters left before  the mainline Protestant churches close their doors-for good.
This message is for you–the reluctant Christian waiting for someone else to lead the way back.    
If you are a reluctant leader, join the club. You are among many others, including me.
I wake up every day asking for instructions and wondering why God picked me, without a spouse and many obstacles to overcome. 
Moses was just like us, scared and too afraid to lead. Yet, Moses was the face of the people despite his resistance.
They could trust him and respected his wisdom– both he would deny.  Which is exactly why God chose Moses to lead. God wanted a leader  who listened to the Spirit’s wisdom instead of his own human understanding.
To deny one’s gift of leadership is to deny the One who gave it to you.  Peter learned the hard way. His denial was accepting his discipleship,  and ultimately his leadership. Are you Peter?  
There are many faces in a church-not one or two and all contribute to the Body. The more faces in diverse roles of leadership-the stronger the Body of Christ. 
We are now at a pivotal point in church history with an estimated 23 more Easters before mainline churches  close their doors. 
Do we lead or settle? Do we set the pace for a bold future or copy others just surviving? 
The cross was bold. The resurrection even bolder. Christ is boldest of all.
Can we, who put on Christ, be anything less? 
Dare to lead, let others follow, and never settle for less.
Put on Christ, my friends,
Pastor Terri