Appreciation is the Antidote


This is a week of Appreciation. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8. National Nurses Appreciation Week is May 6-12 and Mother’s Day is this Sunday. There is plenty to appreciate!

Appreciation is the antidote to apathy, fear and mistrust. It turns the spotlight away from ourselves and unto the people who are the unsung heroes in our lives. The teachers who changed the direction of your life, the nurses who instilled hope, and the mothers who gave you wings to fly.

They are the reason you exist today.
They are the real heroes in this world of a new normal.
They prepared us for a time such as this, not only to live in it, but to engage and thrive in it.

Under their care, they offered hope and reframed our fears into bite-sized realities. Teachers, nurses, and moms are the chicken soup of the world. They made us feel better, repaired our souls, breathed confidence into us, and turned us into better human beings.

Together, they embodied knowledge, healing, and guidance grounded in truth. In fact, most do their best work with Jesus in their pocket. Teachers, nurses, and mothers pray for those under their wings. Chances are they prayed for you, too. These prayers changed you, saved you, and kept you safe while you are naively unaware.

Now imagine this: God created them just for you.

Thank them by respecting their efforts. Read a book, wear a mask, and call them on the phone.

Appreciate them.

Pastor Terri