COVID-19 Response

Current Guideline

Worship and Events: In-person events permitted

Sunday Worship is in-person and online. See our Facebook Page
Sermons can also be viewed on our Sermons Page
Masks: Masks are optional, unless recently exposed.
People who are ill should stay home. Please notify the office if you may have exposed others during church activities. 
How we determine our Covid response  
  • our values to Do No Harm, Do Good, Love God.
  • current CDC guidelines
  • prevalence of COVID in our area. 

How our values guide us during this pandemic:

Do No Harm

Our primary concern is for the safety of others. We want to help and not hurt anyone. This means we do not make a situation worse or inadvertently hurt others in our attempts to help. That is why we are assessing needs as they develop in order to determine the volunteer opportunities, vet the volunteers, and coordinate with the local business and agencies. Do No Harm means we want to keep both the vulnerable and the volunteers safe will working with the businesses in our community.

Do Good

Thank you for your excitement to help! While we identify the needs of our community, we are collecting a list of potential volunteers who could be contacted depending on the needs. If you would like to be included on a list that could be shared with other community agencies, please CLICK THE LINK HERE. You may or may not be contacted. It depends on the needs and your skill set. High-risk volunteers may help in ways that do not put them at risk.

Stay in Love With God

God did not cause this outbreak nor is God using it to punish us. Germs are part of our world. God did, however, send us Christ to show us how to love one another. We love God by loving people. We love people by loving God. Christ works through the hands and feet of people and this is where the church shines.

The office is closed, but our church is open for business in a different way. Stay in Love With God by attending online worship and other faith groups also online to keep your spirit fed and nourished. Check out our Facebook Page for online worship and other opportunities. Pray for one another. Read scripture and other spiritual books. Be kind to one another.

As we develop our response and adapt it to changing needs, we remember that we are not alone.

Christ is with us.

Pastor Terri