Dare to Lead

  Apple just announced that their stores will undergo a major shift from ‘selling’ Apple products, to eye-catching interactive labs geared to ‘using’ the products. They are leading the next generation forward, the same people that the church wants to reach– but cannot find. Apple knows.

Apple is adding conference rooms, larger screens, and transforming their Genius bar to the “Genius Grove” complete with earth friendly trees and catering to the computer generations who also has a passion for purpose. And, they are open for business when the people are looking for products-in the store or on-line.  Here’s the link to their progressive story to reach the generation that we want to reach: 


Wait! If you are reading our traditional format–paperwe don’t have the technology to link you to that story.
You must ‘copy and paste.’

Wait—we don’t offer that either, unless you can get the downloaded PDF from our website and even then, maybe that won’t work.

We could send you a text, but are not set up to do that either. 

How about a group message from Facebook?

These are the facts: the world is changing faster than the local church wants to change.
Having a computer in the office doesn’t mean that we are using  technology to connect to the rest of the world.  We still connect by paper, including a newsletter that cannot keep up with the faster pace of our changing world.
We updated the website last summer, but it can and should be used for so much more to reach those looking for Jesus, not just information about who we are or upcoming events.  Social media is just an app away to connect those searching for Jesus.
Are we connected to the app?
Meanwhile, the techy people represent the unchurched who cannot connect to us, nor we to them.
We cling to our paper, books, worship time, designs, and even our traditions as if that makes us religious.  

See the problem?  

Meanwhile, Apple leads the generation that we are missing in churchThey lead and let others follow.
Jesus is progressive, forcing change,  connecting to the ones who are unconnected from ‘the church. He  commands us to do the same.

Beginning in June, expect to see  changes–the beginning of more to come:

  • Worship moves to 10 AM year-round.
  • Kid’s Church and the nursery continue year-round.
  • Expect a colorful monthly newsletter in your e-mail.
  • Receive current happenings also by e-mail.
  • Join small groups and mission events for soul searching purpose with Jesus.

Lead and let others follow.

Be bold witnesses to a resurrected Christ.

Pastor Terri.