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Christ is Risen!

10 AM In Person

SERMON SERIES through Easter

Sunday’s Message

Adulting It. 2022

 Welcome to adulting it in a world that threatens an apocalypse almost every day.  Jesus surrounded himself with young adults in a world with very similar threats.  ‘Christianity is founded on a movement of young adults ‘adulting it,’ then and now. 

Visit our Facebook Page for a recorded service on Sundays after 11:30am, or click the link below to watch on our sermons page Visit our Sermons Page.

Here with children?

Kids’ Church – a new program for children age 3 through grade 5 taking place during the 10am Sunday service starting Sept. 11. The tone is positive, affirming, loving and warm with a focus on helping kids become good Christian persons in the world. Kids’ Church includes high-energy music, movement like songs and dancing, community prayer and a short message focused on real-life struggles younger children face each day. After children’s time, at about 10:25am, children will be dismissed to the social hall for Kids’ Church, and they return for communion at about 10:55am.
We’re looking for adult volunteers to assist with Kids’ Church. Will you help? Click here for the job description. Thank you!
Kid’s Table – in the front of the sanctuary
For children 3- to 10-years-old during worship. 
You may keep your children with you during worship. 
or retreat to the family nursery. 
Breastfeeding Privacy stations available in the nursery or preschool room for moms. 
Family Bathroom available right across from nursery. 

Who can take communion?


This is the Lord’s table, not ours. It is open and inclusive of anyone who wants to receive communion. Visitors are welcome. 
Can children take communion?
Yes! Children are welcome at any age to share in Communion. 
How we offer communion:
We use real bread and dip a piece into grape juice. 
Gluten-free wafers available.