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Sunday’s Message

September 13, 2021: Mosaic / It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way

When dreams are shattered and God is silent, how do we find our way through it?

This week, we consider Part 1: Between Two Worlds. Where is God when our world splits in two? Faith is our bridge between our life before and our life now.

Genesis 39:20–40:23

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Volunteer Opportunities:
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  • Faith Group Leaders
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Here with small children?

You Choose: 
Kid’s Church -Resumes FALL 2021
For children 3 – 10 years during worship. 
Nursery Available for families
You may keep your children with you during worship. 
Or, retreat to the nursery. 
Breastfeeding Privacy stations available in the nursery or preschool room for moms. 
Family Bathroom available right across from nursery. 

Who can take communion?


This is the Lord’s table, not ours. It is open and inclusive of anyone who wants to receive communion. Visitors are welcome. 
Can children take communion?
Yes! Children are welcome at any age to share in Communion. 
How we offer communion:
We use real bread and dip a piece into grape juice. 
Gluten-free wafers available.