What are your Sunday services like?

Pentecost Sunday Decor

Our building is beautiful and traditional; our worship has a modern voice with a traditional feel.

On any given Sunday, you might hear a classical pipe organ , the beauty of a lush choral anthem, the vocal prowess of a soloist, the serenity of a hand-bell choir.

Delivered from the pulpit or from the first row of pews the sermon orients and reorients our story with the narrative of grace found in Christ.

The service is followed by a time of fellowship, where  homemade goodies remind us of the sweet things God is doing in our lives.

Who is your pastor?


Pastor Terri has been with us since July of 2015.  Raised in Cleveland, Minnesota, she attended Gustavus Adolphus College for her BA in Nursing and United Theological Seminary for her Master of Divinity degree.

Her long career in Nursing provided her with valuable experiences with all age groups and a rich understanding of all stages of life, including a special appreciation and empathy for those facing some of life’s hardest challenges.

She has two young adult children, Eric and Sarah, and a tabby cat named Curie.   She enjoys flower gardens, decorating, walking and going to the movies.  Note the love of Science fiction movies in her sermons!


Is this church part of a denomination?

Yep. In case you missed it in our name we are a part of The United Methodist Church.  To discover more about the United Methodist Denomination, click  UMC org

 How can I support this ministry?

Come to worship and lend your voice and presence. Pray without ceasing. Consider giving financially.

 What do you believe about Holy Communion/ Eucharist/ The Great Thanksgiving?

We have an Open Table, which means that everyone without exception is invited to receive the bread and cup (grape juice) at Communion which for us is the body and blood of Christ. This is Christ’s table not our table.  All are welcome to feast with Christ regardless of membership, age, or attendance.

Guests and children are really welcome at the table!

 Who comes to your Church?

Everyone.  Well… not everyone.  All are welcome.

What door do I come in?

Any door you come in will lead you towards the sanctuary.

A handicap entrance is on the West side of the building and an elevator is located inside.

 Facility Use?

Our church belongs to all members as well as being a part of the local community.

IThe facilities are available to the community with understandable priorities for the regular member families and regular church activities.  Fees may apply.

For more information please contact the church secretary at lesueur.umc@q.com