First Things First

The initial capital campaign is winding down with pledges totally over $550,000 and more still coming.
That means that we can make our church facility more handicap accessible, offering hospitality to anyone who enters our doors or sanctuary.  We can perform major capital improvements to aging furnaces, air conditioners and a host of other fixes beyond our yearly updates.  All this is to refresh a building that is now worth over $5-7 million to rebuild with the same size and dimensions.  Turns out, buildings are a great investment.  
But, isn’t investing in people more important?  In fact, that is our job as a church.  Our building serves the people, our ministries and our mission.  We are called to help people build a relationship with Jesus Christ. That is our mission. People. That is putting things first. Let us keep that in mind as we pick out the paint colors, open walls and update, the chancel area for young families, strollers, and wheelchairs.
Who are we trying to reach?  Who will we keep out? 
On Palm Sunday, April 14, we will have another charge conference to vote on next steps:
– Authorize capital improvements within a set budget, based on the responses from the feasibility study we did last July which said people supported accessibility and capital improvements. 
 Hire an architect to produce a detailed plan. Currently, we only have a preliminary design proposal, something to edit and further develop.
– Secure contractor bids for the proposal.
 -Authorize a Building Team to handle the details But, there’s more.  
We will host another charge conference later this summer to vote on the final design plan before proceeding.  At that point, we will need a vote to approve the final go ahead for construction based on a financial plan.
It’s a long process. But so is building people. While we wait, let’s put first things first.
Get to know your neighbors of all ages. Most families do not have a church home.  Many are just waiting for a reason to come. Why not give them one?  Invite them to church with you and tell them we are building a church for people like them. 
Give them an Easter.