Focus on The Family

In the 1959, First United Methodist commissioned a new building. They were bursting at the seams as Baby Boomers added an average of 4 children per family. They came to church every week and attendance soared to 250-300 per Sunday morning. Times change and so do the numbers:  Families have fewer babies and worship less often.  

Family Size:  In 1960, the average family size (with or without kids) was 3.67. In 2018 that dropped to 3.1 per family. What does that mean for LeSueur UMC? What took 68 families in 1960 now takes 80 families to average 250 people in worship—that is, if everyone worshipped every week.
Attendance: Regular attendance dropped from weekly to just 2 times per month.  That means we need to take those 80 families above and at least double them just to equal the average attendance of the 1960’s.  That’s a whopping 160 families with children attending twice per month! Wowzah!
So, do we promote a baby boom? Let’s not go there!
Shame families? Again, Jesus didn’t offer people shame. Jesus offered love, forgiveness, and encouragement.  Let go there instead.
This is what Jesus would do: Focus on the families and not the numbers. Wow them with your Jesus.
Wow them with your passion for mission and a heart for Jesus.
Wow them with worship that speaks to families, in church, or online.
Wow them with groups that support parenting and life issues. 
Wow them with a facility that welcomes their presence and all abilities.
Wow them with consistence no matter what day, month, or season it is.
Wow them with Jesus’ love, forgiveness, and encouragement.
Wow people with Jesus.  People matter to Jesus, not the numbers. That’s what Jesus would do.   
 (OK math nerds:  1960: 68 families x3.67 average size = 249.56. But in 2018:  80 families x 3. 1 average size = 248)