Is Jesus the Vaccine for COVID-19?

I saw a truck with the words “Jesus is My Vaccine” on the bumper.
The driver was trusting his entire fate into Jesus’ hands to protect him, no matter what decisions he made.

I support vaccines. Vaccines builds herd immunity which allows people to move about freely, without fear of disease or death. They protect not only the person who receives it, but the others around them from unintentional exposure. Vaccines work because people do not have to stay home, social distance, or lose their job to protect one another. Vaccines do all the work….. so maybe it sounds a bit like Jesus?

But is Jesus a vaccine?  Sounds catchy, but is it good Jesus theology?

Not if we believe in total surrender to Jesus Christ. You see, we have free will, the ability to listen to God’s wisdom or the choice to ignore it. God’s wisdom is imparted by the Holy Spirit to people. Some of them are doctors and epidemiologists whom God trained and prepared for a moment such as this. To ignore them is the same as ignoring God.

Surrendering to Christ means to follow Jesus no matter how hard it gets, to provide for our every need like a shepherd does for the sheep.

Daring Christ to save you is quite another. It is jumping off a cliff in the desert. Even Jesus refused to do that. Tempting fate is not filled with faith, nor is it a vaccine. It defies the wisdom of God and boasts of human pride, not surrender to the fullness of what Christ offers through the gifts of the Spirit.   

So, masks on in public, keep your distance, and know that we are bound together through the Holy Spirit who has already prepared people to lead us through a time such as this. 

We simply need to listen to the Wisdom of God and do our part to support God’s efforts.  

Best of All God is with us.
Pastor Terri.