It’s the Little Things

It’s the little things.  My glass coffee press broke!  I loved the coffee it made-strong and hot, but I could not find a replacement. Instead, I abandoned it and grabbed a fresh brew at the coffee shop on the run. It wasn’t the same as slowing down and sipping java while still in my pajamas, but it was good enough. Like a real Minnesotan, I rationalized that the added chaos in my life was normal. The god of java was more important than time.

Small gods consume us—we settle for chaos when we long for time.  We live vicariously through social media, but long to create our own memories.  We let small gods rush us from here to there and anywhere but home, even on weekends. The small gods are more important than time.

We obey the small gods and our Christian souls run empty. We want to grab a quick cup of Jesus for life on the run—but small gods keep us busy. We are chained to small gods who tell us chaos is normal!  STOP! That’s exactly what small gods want us to believe! WRONG! God intentionally sent his Son to fight the chaos of small gods, rescue us, and defend our right to live in God’s time, including a healing relationship with Jesus, the Prince of Peach who restores our soul– and sanity.

I boldly made a decision to grab my mocha and Jesus, to purposely carve out my God-given time for what really matters in life! Fight the small gods with intentional God-time.  I got my morning devotions and coffee back–now in a new insulated, non-breakable coffee press. I stayed in my pajamas and talked with God. Prayer time was amazing, who knew? I carved out family time and WOW–my soul filled faster than my caffeine levels. Imagine that.

This is the Gospel’s secret to a happier New Year: dump the small gods. Worship the big One.  Carve out God-time every day: read a few verses of scripture, talk to God in a private space, worship with your family, volunteer for Jesus, fill your head with God-stuff, give to the ministry of the church… BUT… above all else, take deliberate steps to dump the small gods! Get your life back, your family, health, finances, and yes—definitely your soul back.

It’s the little things that fill your life with goodness.

Have a happy and blessed New Year. 
Pastor Terri