Jesus And Me
Connecting with Jesus and learning together.
All inclusive Wednesday Night for kids and their families!
Everyone is welcome to join JAM. You do not need to be a member of the congregation to join!
We’re excited to meet you!
JAM is free of charge. Meal is a free-will offering.
Kids + Missions
Our Mission is to share Jesus. We share Jesus through Missions.
for ages 3-years-old to grade 6, and 7-12th grade.*
*includes Confirmation for 7-8th
JAM is fun to be God’s kid
Jam is Improv. Worship. Mission.  Learning. Doing. 
JAM is us.  
JAM 2022-2023 Schedule


September 14, 2022 through May 10, 2023*

6pm Meal for all

6:30pm Family Worship in the Sanctuary

7pm Class time for ages 3 to 18, as assigned. Check out our new Rotation Stations.

*JAM will not meet when the Le Sueur-Henderson school closes due to weather-related conditions. 
Confirmation for 7-8th graders
is part of the JAM program.
Students learn through:
Small groups
Overnight retreats
Faith Mentors
JAM needs Adult Volunteers.
It’s on the job training.
Learn with the kids.
Adults can do: 
Small groups/classes
Personal Support
Chaperones for Youth and Missions.
JAM is coming up and it’s going to be DIFFERENT in 2022-2023. We have a whole new plan and we are excited for the kids as well as the volunteers. We think the kids will be more engaged with this new activity-based curriculum and it will be much easier for volunteers. We are hoping for a refreshing year after taking several steps backwards during COVID. We know schedules are tight, but we think this curriculum will require little planning for the volunteers. The more help we have the more we potentially will be able to rotate volunteer needs to every other week. Can I show you more?
Faith Milestones
Pre-K & K: Learn a Table Prayer to use at meal time. Begin understanding the Christmas and Easter stories. Learn to share and help others. 
1st & 2nd gr: Learn the Lord’s Prayer and Kids’ Creed along with simple faith statements. Be able to recite a memory verse and name five characters from the Bible. Learn to love others. 
3rd & 4th gr: Learn about the books the Bible. Know how to find them and where they are located using the Table of Contents. Know ten Bible stories. Help with simple mission activities.  
5th & 6th gr: Recite the books of the Old and New Testament in order. Know 15 Bible stories. Understand the deeper meaning of Easter and Christmas. Role model for younger children. Do Mission projects with their family or other adults 
7th-8th gr: Be able to say a fill-in-the-blank prayer, find scriptures, know the books of the Bible, basic church history, and Wesley concepts of grace and service. By the end of 8th grade, students should be able to write their faith statements and be ready for Confirmation. They should be a role model for younger students and their peers. Attendance at  retreats and mission events are required for those being confirmed. 
9th-12th gr: Be able to say a Spontaneous Prayer. Mentor younger students. Be a role model for other teens. Support one another at school and extra-curricular activities.  Assist with worship. Attend overnight mission trips. Offer leadership.