Memo from the Boss

“My Church ….”

  I read the words, but which one?  The little church where I was baptized or where my children were baptized? Is it the one down the road or the one that returned me to ministry? Hmmm.

Coffee helps me ponder, so I sipped some hot Caribou and considered an odd possibility… none of the above!   None of those beautiful churches were ‘my church’. Every single one of them belonged to someone far greater than myself, Jesus Christ.

My church is Christ’s church. I work for Christ, not the other way around. That makes Jesus Christ my boss! I take another sip of Caribou smiling at the thought of my next T-shirt: 
I work for Christ.

Wait! What about the traditions, Sunday routines and décor, I get a say in them, right?  The coffee burns my lips.

Ask the Spirit. What the boss wants, the boss gets. If Jesus Christ need us to change directions, well, we do what the boss tells us to do. Change.

Be still my caffeinated heart! Change?  

Jesus tells us to find new disciples, so we find new disciples, any way that works. We get out of our pews and do it. If what we are doing isn’t working, we change to make it right. Jesus gets what Jesus wants, disciples. Jesus is the boss.

We change to find disciples, not change disciples to find us.

Church: The Spirit is poking us to find disciples, those who do not know Jesus. What’s working in this group? A 2nd

band-led service directed by a worship leader from the same demographic group as the missing. It’s not my style, but then again, it’s not ‘my church.’  The Boss gets what the Boss wants, disciples.  Our job is to respond. We pray, plan, budget, pray some more and do what the boss wants, multiple disciples.

Jesus, you are the Boss.  It’s not ‘our church’, but ‘your church.’  Show us what to do.

Time to share the Caribou, folks.  There’s a work order in our pews.
Pastor Terri