Searching for a Resurrection

“This is the church. Here she is. Lovely, irregular, sometimes sick and sometimes well. This is the body-like-no-other that God has shaped and placed in the world. Jesus lives here; this is his soul’s address. There is a lot to be thankful for, all things considered. She has taken a beating.   The church. Every day she meets the gates of hell and she prevails. Every day she serves, stumbles, injures and repairs. That she has healed is an underrated miracle. That she gives birth is beyond reckoning. Maybe it’s time to make peace with her. Maybe it’s time to embrace her, flawed as she is. Maybe it’s time to smile back. “–Rachel Held Evans, Searching for Sunday  
There is a shift these days, from organized religion to personal spirituality. Gone is the mid-century era when church membership was a requirement to be a good person.  Our young people saw through that.
Embrace it. Welcome it.
The tomb of yesterday is the resurrection of tomorrow. The Church is transforming. Like a woman in labor, she is giving birth. She is prevailing.
She follows her groom, Jesus Christ, who is returning us to our roots, building upon a resurrection of broken people seeking a spiritual center with others just like them. Outside of the church, they find it in micro-breweries, meetup groups, and gyms.  
Inside the church, they turn to Holy Communion to heal and resurrect.  Through Communion, the soul of Christ meets the soul of the broken, in bread and wine.  
Yes, the Church has the one commodity that others do not— the presence of Christ found through the Mystery of Holy Communion. From the first Sunday when Christians met at dawn to remember Jesus, they celebrated Communion.   This is why we gather–to hear the word and share communion.
 Remember me…as often as you gather. 
Remember me when you break the bread.
Remember me when you sip the wine.  
Remember me through these means of grace.  
People searching for Sunday, search for Christ’s presence in Holy Communion.   
So don’t be stingy! Break the bread!