Speaking Mocha

I’m sitting in a Boston coffee shop sipping coconut iced coffee after having my first taste for such divine java at the Corner Drug store back home. Today, my table is smack dab in the heart of the Berklee School of Music in Boston.  I’m surrounded by student musicians fully immersed in their musical studies.  The young guy next to me is snapping his fingers to an imaginary beat as he explains music theory to the equally youthful gal directly across from him. They are whole heartedly engaged in the conversation, each contributing questions and comments that liven their spirits, laughing and exclaiming at the ideas they share. 

There is energy here, life in the quest for answers!  I love it! These beautiful people surrounding me are insanely curious about music- the language, story and construction of every note. It’s in their soul as deep as God is within my own soul. Their passion flames a fire which cannot be extinguished, even at the expense of their own sleep. It’s a passion that is God given, a quest for the language of the divine cosmos. Do they know it is a gift from God that drives them?
Then, there is me.  I’m reading about Jesus,The Epic of Eden by Sandra Richter, which makes me an oddity here. No one here is talking about Jesus.

I speak Jesus. They speak music. We all drink coffee.  It should be a match made in heaven. 

Call me a dreamer, but I wonder what God would have us do to reach the people in the coffee shops in our world, or for that matter, the bars across the street?  What language do we speak?

I pray for the Holy Spirit to transform our tongues to the language of the coffee shops and the bars, to speak music to the musicians so that we speak Jesus to those without Jesus. May the Spirit of Pentecost ignite our passion as deep the musicians surrounding me; and may Jesus be the music that fills  the depths of their young souls.

Come, Holy Spirit, come. Form our tongues to speak the language of the people.
Pastor Terri