The Era of Awe and Wonder

“There must be always remaining in every life, some place for the singing of angels, some place for that which in itself is breathless and beautiful.”     Howard Thurman   There are moments in time when Heaven pierces the realm of Earth. The birth announcement of Jesus is one of them.

Beautiful heavenly angels shock the shepherds tending their sheep. Shepherds live on the periphery of life, working in conditions outside civilization. Compare this to the crew of an off-shore oil rig and you understand the loneliness of the Shepherds. But it is to the Shepherds that the angels come, not the priests or the religiously faithful.  In the presence of the Angels, they shivered with awe and wonder that transform their doubt.  But, who would believe them?    

Yet the Shepherds dropped everything to run and find the Christ-child face to face. When was the last time you dropped everything to experience the wonder of Jesus in your life?


This is the message of Christmas. When heaven pierces our world,  life is changed by Jesus Christ. It is a life that shivers with awe and wonder at meeting Christ face to face.   This January, we begin to change our church building to reflect the message of Christ for today’s generation of Shepherds looking for the Truth of Christ. While we change the outside, let us not forget to change the inside of our souls as well.  A church filled with changed lives is one in which the Christ’s Spirit thrives and grows.     Where will you find Heaven piercing Earth?   

  • Attend the 3-day Walk to Emmaus retreat in January 2019.
  • Gather regularly with others to study the message of Christ in the scriptures.
  • Form a prayer group and keep track of prayers answered.

Let heaven pierce your world in 2020. May you shiver with awe and wonder. Pastor Terri