The Resurrection of Le Sueur United Methodist

We are the church of Jesus Christ.
We believe in Jesus when the world tells us it’s nonsense.
We hold the faith when the world tells us faith is no longer relevant.
We hold that precious commodity of belief so others will know the story of Jesus Christ, the one who outshines the smoldering ashes of a church in ruins and folds the burial cloth in an empty tomb declaring the end of death.
We believe that God transforms the crucifixions of our lives into a new beginning. Out of our darkness, God delivers a resurrection. 
We believe in hope when others lose hope, because hope grabbed on to us.  We believe in the resurrection. I am a witness. I have seen the resurrection.
I have seen death turn into life.  I have seen God transform the past into something new. I have seen the church in action, holding faith until others could see a resurrection, too.
I am a witness to a resurrection in a church with dwindling Sunday school numbers who faced death, let go of the crucifixion, and witnessed a resurrection.
I am a witness to a resurrection in a church full of tradition, who now gives birth to a new generation of the body, the building, and the mission. 
We are a Christ-centered community, called to serve, where you can come as you are, share who you are, and experience the power of God’s love.
We are the body of Christ and we promise to hold the belief of the resurrection for others to experience it themselves.
That is why we worship together. That is why we gather every Sunday to remember Jesus, who rose from the dead, so that you and I can grab hold of a resurrection. We are the believers of Christ.
And we believe that everyone deserves an Easter— because everyone deserves the Joy of a resurrection.
  • He is Risen
  • He is Risen Indeed.