The Watch

Something prophetic happened before I was born: Detective Dick Tracy, cartoon extraordinaire, donned the watch of the  future, a two-way talking device. I coveted that watch! Imagine talking to people through a hand-held, portable device and be “in the know” at a push of the button. It was ingenious! It was the future!
The adults were quick to remind me, “It is just pretend!” Bubble blown.
Yet quietly, the bubble of progress re-inflated. Industrial engineer, Jony Ive, designed a detachable, portable device intended to work with the already popular cell phone. He strapped it to his wrist and the Apple watch was born!
Yup, the Dick Tracy watch of the past made a come back!
It’s hard to imagine the future and impossible to stop it. We can deny it or be ready to embrace it. Fortunately, for millions of people, John Ive embraced it. The mission was communication. The method was a watch. John Ive blended both to
embraced the future.
So did Jesus. God sent Jesus to shout out to the whole world that God was here! Jesus passed that message on to the Church and sent us on a mission to tell everyone. Yes–a Mission! 
The Church is Dick Tracy’s watch on steroids. 
The message is the same as it was since the resurrection: Jesus Christ is Lord! Which means the Kingdom really is breaking through our world. Can I hear an AMEN?!
That message is unchanging but the culture is not. How we communicate, worship, and structure the business of the church is dynamic. Those who embrace the communication own the culture.
Jesus did not set up committees, boards, or a hierarchy. Seriously…he did not. Jesus prepared people through planned discipleship to share the message with just one mission: Multiply. 
The message and mission are timeless. The methods are not.
To complete our mission, we must communicate within a culture that keeps shifting. Technology is constantly inventing the next thing. Changing our structure to a single board, adding a band-led service, and communicating online are methods meant to embrace our changing culture.
The church is God’s tool that communicates to new disciples this simple message: Jesus Christ is Lord. How we do that is the work of the church.
Thank you to everyone who came to hear, discuss, challenge, and embrace the noble past of this congregation at the Town Hall on January 28th. What began as a building over 50 years ago was anchored in the witness of people just like you preparing for the future.
Yes, Dick Tracy, the people of LeSueur UMC are strapping the future on their wrists. May the Holy Spirit guide our imaginations and give us courage to follow our mission. 
The message is relevant: Jesus Christ is Lord.
Our mission is simple: Go and make new disciples-Multiply.
Go boldly into the future, my friends.
Pastor Terri