Twigs of Leaves

My cat is glued to the window as the colored leaves blow off the big tree outside. He is ready to pounce on those leaves, but he cannot, held back by a screen of glass. He can see them, but he cannot reach them. Poor little guy.  His feline urges want nothing more than to dive into a pile of leaves and wrestle them to the ground just for the joy of it.

So, I do what only a cat mom would do. I bring in a couple of big leaves on a twig and let him pounce, toss, and leap into the air chasing them.  I now regret spending money on cat toys sitting in his basket. All he wanted was a twig of leaves.

Look, we long to dive into that pile of leaves outside, the big church with all the music and people, but a pandemic means we cannot. So, why not grab a twig of faith and bring it into your home? 

Here’s a couple of virtual resources to do that, and they are as free as a twig of leaves: gives you all the information you need to pounce on the Scripture, including moving diagrams, cartoon movies, and background information. Dive into a pile of scripture at your own pace.

For your cell phone, try the app YouVersion filled with a verse of the day, cool pictures to match your personality, and share with friends. You can plot a Bible study path or do Bible studies online with your friends. 

Not a friend of technology? We still have the Upper Room and Daily Bread devotionals available for you outside the office door.


Pastor Terri.