When Pigs Fly

“When pigs fly.” 

My father used to say this every time he thought my suggestion was absurd.
Even though Dad had a great imagination, it was grounded in time-honored common sense. And common sense said my idyllic worldview was grounded along with the pigs. ‘When pigs fly’ was ridiculous, impossible, against all odds. But never give God the odds on who replaces death with resurrections.
So why does the new normal of today look suspiciously like a pig taking off in flight?
For every scary moment, an idyllic world tries to peek through.
Home cooked meals.
Parent-child time.
Time to be still.
Even the skies of Los Angeles cleared.
 Check the radar– I believe a flock of pigs just flew over California.
This is not the first time that a new normal took hold. The entire Bible is filled with pig-flying-stories.  Specifically the adventures of Jesus and his infamous resurrection, which propelled a new faith forward guided by young disciples who never seemed to have their feet on the ground anyway. Add a few timely visions, the winds of the Holy Spirit, and here we are filled with improbable experiences and a God who won’t give up because God created pigs in the first place. Another pig just took flight.
During May, our sermon series is aptly called When Pigs Fly.  These are the stories from the archives of the first apostles, stories selected last summer  to complement our JAM’s curriculum this month. I just didn’t know how prophetic those words would be!
 If you still don’t believe pigs can fly, dare to join us for the impossible stories that still fly today.

Also, stay tuned for information about the church of the future, summer 2020.

We plan to reopen in small increments, like house churches to keep the numbers small, and still keep the scriptures read and the coffee brewing. Sometimes, the past is really the future. Just when you think it cannot happen, a pig flies overhead.    

But best of all, God is with us.